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South Salt Lake uses Taxpayers Funds to Fight Citizens' Vote

South Salt Lake has now retained outside council with one of Utah’s highest-priced firms, Holland & Hart, to fight a citizens’ application for a referendum on the 67% & 52% pay raises they awarded themselves in March. This is presumably at the expense of taxpayers, including those requesting a check on self-dealing.

South Salt Lake City Attorney Josh Cook originally denied the application, out of confusion over the number of ordinances the citizen group was seeking to refer. The application seeks to bring a referendum on the one ordinance that changed two other ordinances which allowed for the disproportionate raises.

The only response given from Mayor Cherie Wood was her crying foul about her previous pay in defense of her outrageous raise.

If the positions were so drastically underpaid, shouldn't the Mayor and Council raised the salary prior to the November 2022 election? Mayor Wood knew fullwell what the salary was in November when she ran. She didn’t think it was a priority to get the position a raise if one of her two opponents won the election. She only did it shortly after her job was secured. It’s about getting more for her, not the position of the South Salt Lake Mayor.

Let’s take a stand for South Salt Lake and hold our politicians accountable.

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