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South Salt Lake repeals nepotism ordinance after only 6 years

SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah (KUTV) — After being approved six years ago, South Salt Lake repealed its nepotism ordinance. Help wanted, and now more family members of South Salt Lake City officials are clear to apply. The city council repealed a city nepotism ordinance this week, in what opponents cast as a hurry-up move to put family members first, citizens second. Repeal backers insisted striking the ordinance will increase the labor pool to hire for a slew city jobs that have gone unfilled. “To a certain extent what they’re saying is the only candidates in the whole Salt Lake Valley to fill those jobs are their family,” said Tim Webb, who leads a South Salt Lake community group known as POET, which is critical of recent decisions by city council members—giving themselves raises and boosting taxes.

Click through to read the full story on KUTV's news website.

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